Introducing ASKA3D's Partner in North America

Holo Industries Inc. - North America
Introducing ASKA3D's Partner in North America

 As a leading distributor in North America, Holo Industries, Inc. is dedicated to delivering the future of visual experiences.

  Glenn ImObersteg, CEO of Holo Industries, has been in the technology sector since 1980. He has owned publications and marketing programs for semiconductor companies such as Intel, ARM, Motorola, Siemens, AMD and other, and software companies such as Microsoft. He has designed the semiconductor and power search engines for embedded products for distributors for DigiKey and Mouser, and represented sensor and power companies in North America.

  In March 2019 Holo industries inrtroduced Holographic TouchTM. It was a huge break-through in the art of holography. For the first time, users can not only see a holograph —they can touch it, pinch, scroll, spin and manipulate any image in mid-air. It was a watershed moment for Human-Machine Interaction: Through the genius of Holographic Touch, users can experience a clear, colorful and detailed mid-air interactive experience, anytime, anywhere.

  This disruptive technology is made possible through Holo’s partnership with ASKA3D, the developer of the patented holographic optical plastic and glass plates, and the integration of Infra-Red (IR) sensors and other software and hardware components. The touch interface using the an IR sensor is so accurate, it facilitates even the most precise interaction with elevator buttons, ATMs, pay terminal and key-pads, restaurant menus, airport, hotel, hospital and supermarket check-in and check-out kiosks, and more. In addition to visual response to every action, the touch holograph provides aural fedback in an infinite number of sounds and tones.

  Holo Industries is the inventor of Holographic TouchTM, a disruptive technology that combines holographic plates, optics, sensors and proprietary software and hardware components to create highly responsive mid-air interaction  for customers and employees so businesses can thrive during the pandemic. We manufacture products in various sizes and form factors for the consumer, elevator, restaurant, banking, retail, hospitality, gaming, medical, automotive and aerospace industries. Holo Industries’ easy-to-install modular inserts simplify the transition from touch-screens to holographic. The rugged metal and composite units are plug-and-play out of the box: insert into your counter or wall unit, connect to host terminal for a clear, interactive holograph. The modules can be ordered in:

420mm 630mm, 840mm, 1050mm

Holographic interaction is the future, not just for customers who want clean and effective interaction, but also for what it provides as a new dimension in interaction.  Glenn ImObersteg would say to all companies that want to get involved in this new technology, pioneering new ways of communicating and interacting is challenging and requires patience and an understanding that once this technology has established itself, there is a bright future for all of us who have made it happen.

Why ASKA3D Holographic display?

  • Revolutionary Optical Plates: ASKA3D products redefine the possibilities of visual communication. Our optical plates allow you to realize stunning holographic displays, creating immersive and memorable experiences.

  • Versatility and Customization: Whether you're looking to enhance retail displays, engage event attendees, or elevate your brand presence, ASKA3D's holographic displays offer versatile solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs.

  • Trusted Distribution Partners: Our partners—Holo Industries, Inc., Yesar Electronics Technology, and ACTAIR—are dedicated to delivering top service and support. They bring a wealth of experience and expertise to ensure your success with ASKA3D products.

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