In Airports Digital Signage Is Good for What Ails You

Long lines and crowds won't disappear anytime soon, but digital signage can distract from them and even help disperse them!
In Airports Digital Signage Is Good for What Ails You

The airport industry has an incentive to ensure passengers have a positive experience. To achieve that objective, it is essential to understand the challenges these customers face when traveling through airports. For example, it's well-known that frequent flyers rank long lines and crowds as their most significant travel frustrations in the airport industry. Yet, airports often seem powerless to solve these passenger pain points. To address these crowding problems, the most successful airports have upgraded their AV integration. The key to this is digital signage technology. Dynamic screens can change content as the need arises, which can alleviate passengers' concerns more than any other option. 


We've established that the number one air travel frustration, ahead of delays, insufficient on-board storage, and flight cancellations, are long lines like those found during security check-ins. Passengers are forced to shuffle single file like herded zombies through a tedious and often invasive process. While digital signage won't shorten the lines or make them move quicker, this technology can enhance passengers' experiences.


Most travelers are forced to wait for hours in airports without much to do other than stand in lines, hoping their flight won't be delayed and their baggage won't be lost. However, strategically-placed digital signage can make all the difference for these frustrated and weary passengers. By putting news, sports, weather, and all kinds of infotainment in front of audiences who will likely appreciate it, digital signage can become a great way to entertain, inform, and general help people pass the time as they wait. It can also be a revenue-generating tool for the airport. 


Another way digital displays can improve the passenger experience is by helping them get to, and then beyond, the security point smoothly and quickly. Because airports are often sprawling mazes of hallways, it can be challenging to locate where you're supposed to go, leading to crowds of people milling around and going nowhere fast. This will never be a problem if you have the help of large, prominent digital signage hanging overhead and giving precise directions to those who need to find a bathroom or their terminal.


While long waits at security checkpoints aren't going away anytime soon, and people will always appear confused and lost in the cavernous hallways of airports, passengers need distractions while waiting in line, and they need easily accessible directions to improve the flow of foot traffic. Digital signage is the ideal solution.

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9 months ago

It would be great to have digital displays improve more passenger experiences by helping them get to and beyond the security point. Travelers like myself are always looking for restrooms or cafes and it would be nice to even watch short clips, hear music, or play games while in line as well.