Go Behind the Scenes at a Virtual Production Studio in Vū Orlando

In the latest episode of "How'd They Do That?" AVIXA explores Vū Studios in Orlando, home to the largest LED Volume in the Vū Network, at over 26' tall and 155' long!
Go Behind the Scenes at a Virtual Production Studio in Vū Orlando

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Virtual Production is one of the fastest growing industries in Pro AV.  And although it's been used for big-budget movies and TV shows, companies like Vū Studios are making virtual production more accessible for anyone with any size budget.  Take a tour of their massive production space in Orlando, Florida to see the latest AV technology and learn more about the expertise needed to pull it all off.

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Go to the profile of Leon Prather, CTS
12 months ago

So awesome to see this space in person. Thanks for letting me host it for you guys @Charles Heureaux @Narin Nara @Mark Metzger 

For anyone that is wondering about the technology, it really is becoming more and more accessible. It just requires, like anything, the right spark of creativity to put it to good use. Technologists and creatives alike are able to blend so many of their skills together in this use case to see their ideas coming to life IN REAL TIME. And being able to meet the awesome folks who do this every day was inspiring.

As an onstage presenter/sometimes performer, I can also attest that there is something grounding in being able to see photo-real landscapes and elements changing around you. The feeling of light bouncing around a room is not something you can easily fake... no wait, yes it is, now. Make no mistake, it is still a film set, but the sheer value it adds to be able to use this technology to enhance and serve storytelling is just too exciting to pass up. 

Shoutout to The Loop Lab for joining us for the shoot!