Echo Cancellation and How it Improves Video Conference Audio

As video conferencing becomes an increasing part of the business world, so do issues that can disrupt those conferences. And quite possibly, one of the most disruptive issues with video conferencing is the unintended echo that can occur. -Article by Gina Cunsolo of Yamaha Unified Communiations, Inc.
Echo Cancellation and How it Improves Video Conference Audio

Echo issues can make participants sound distracted and confused, and can ultimately bring proceedings to a halt.

Fortunately, there are ways to address echo issues. Employing echo cancellation technology can help resolve problems caused by excessive echo and get meetings back on track. 

When Echo Cancellation is Needed

Most of us are familiar with the echo effect that occurs when we’re in a cave, a canyon or a large room devoid of furniture, such as an empty gym. We shout “Helloo!” and we hear our voices coming back to us for a few seconds afterward.

That acoustic echo effect is similar when participating in a video conference, although the cause is different. Instead of our voices bouncing off a wall or other solid surface, the voices coming through the speakers on a conference room speakerphone or other audio system are picked up by that system’s microphone and repeated through the system, creating an echo effect. In most cases the effect isn’t noticeable, but occasionally it can be such a distraction that participants are unable to keep their thoughts straight.

In those cases, it’s necessary to employ some sort of echo cancellation to resolve the issue.

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2 months ago

It's apparent that today's video conferencing solutions are a bit more complex than they used to be. But taking echo into consideration remains important! It's not that echo is good or bad necessarily, it's just something that needs to be thought about and worked with. It's wonderful to see several audio solutions for a variety of spaces on the website. When it comes to any room, thinking about the acoustics is so essential.