E&E Partners with ITE for User Experience Hub

Students in Singapore get access to state-of-the-art tech.
E&E Partners with ITE for User Experience Hub

Students at  the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) in Singapore are getting access to cutting-edge technology with a new User Experience Hub. 

There's an Experience Gallery that "creates a holistic environment featuring a state of the art 3D Integrated HYPERVSN Holographic System, a configurable 6m x 3m LED Video Wall and a Curved Projection System using 3 laser projectors to soft edge blend a projection canvas of 10m by 3m, through a media server solution, all coming together to provide an immersive experience for viewers."

That sounds like a school with some seriously fun hands-on learning! 

Read the details in Systems Integration Asia.

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Go to the profile of Iulia Popescu
11 months ago

I have also read that these students have a new Drone & Robot Hub and advanced computing lab for those looking to hone their skills in artificial intelligence! These hubs are equipped with the latest tech, including a curved light-emitting diode video wall and a portable stage platform for students to design and program AI. Super cool!

Go to the profile of Joe Fong
11 months ago

This is our initiative in equipping education sectors with technology and empowering students to explore beyond the text books... AV is more than physics and science 

Go to the profile of Jonathan Seller
11 months ago

Joe is correct, AV is more than physics and science. With Experience Galleries at schools like ITE in Singapore, hopefully AV is also inspiration. Often students wonder about the real world application of some the lessons they are taught.  I'll bet they don't ask that in this class.