Digital Signage SaaS for Integrators

Learn why integrators should embrace Software as a Service (SaaS), particularly in the Digital Signage industry.
Digital Signage SaaS for Integrators

With the convergence of both AV and IT worlds, we now see a trend where system integrators are more and more looking for recurring revenue stream out of their Pro AV practice. However, this state of mind is not the norm wIthin the Pro AV channel ecosystem. Integrators are indeed more used to offer reliable hardware products to their customers as a one-off deal and do not always provide recurring services as an opportunity to keep an on-going relationship with their customers. At SpinetiX, as a manufacturer of Digital Signage solutions, we see a good fit for integrators to add this recurring revenue stream. Watch this latest edition of AVNetwork TechTalk where Tim Albright interviewed George Preston, VP Sales, North America at SpinetiX to further discuss this opportunity for integrators.

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about 1 year ago

White-labeled content delivery applications are always a neat way to produce recurring revenue. Many companies invest in digital signage without ever considering what they will display on them. A plug-and-play device, for example, takes the guesswork of that by giving them various channels to choose from.