Agil Huseynov: Xchange Community Spotlight

"The most defining moment of my career was undoubtedly the successful installation of the thinnest LED video wall at the time," said our May spotlight, @Agil Huseynov, CEO and Founder of AVENDOR. His journey has only grown since then.
Agil Huseynov: Xchange Community Spotlight

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This month’s spotlight is shining on @Agil Huseynov, CEO and Founder of AVENDOR!

Agil's efforts in delivering clients high-quality solutions, particularly LED video walls, are a hallmark of how AV professionals develop their knowledge base in specific products and services. Along with innovative service solutions, Agil has played a big hand in consistently providing positive outcomes for clients sourcing solutions through AVENDOR.

Agil broke his way into the AV industry while new technologies emerged on the scene. His fascination with the audiovisual industry began in 2012 with a challenging yet groundbreaking project.

"The most defining moment of my career was undoubtedly the successful installation of the thinnest LED video wall at the time for Maserati,” said Agil. “This was our initial foray into small-pitch LED video walls, which was a nascent technology then. We offered a P5 LED video wall, notable then for its precision and compactness. The project not only positioned us as innovators but also demonstrated our commitment to quality and cutting-edge technology, paving the way for numerous subsequent projects."

As the AV industry grew exponentially, Agil worked to match the pace of the industry's expansion by establishing a provider presence. Over the last decade, his journey has been marked by continual learning and adaptation – from launching a fledgling startup to establishing LED Solutions to rebranding into AVENDOR. Along the way, Agil has developed strong relationships throughout the AV industry.

"From our first project with Maserati, we have expanded to collaborate with over 150 renowned pro AV brands such as Samsung, Planar, and Christie,” said Agil. “The reason behind the branding change is that AVENDOR is expanding its offerings. The change reflects our strategic initiative to lead the future of Pro AV with innovative solutions like our real-time inventory system. This system addresses global challenges like the chip shortage exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring our clients have access to essential product availability information when it matters most."

On Xchange, Agil often posts informational content and work updates, which can be seen on his page. He appreciates what Xchange is growing into and sees its potential for connecting AV professionals across the industry.

"What I value most about Xchange is its capacity to foster a vibrant community of AV professionals," Agil remarked. "It facilitates rich discussions, shares up-to-date industry news, and promotes continuous learning – all of which are crucial for staying ahead in the fast-paced AV sector."

Thank you @Agil Huseynov! Check out previous spotlights by clicking on the badge labeled Community Spotlight. And remember to follow the Xchange Community Spotlight page as we post monthly spotlights!

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