A Digital Signage Solution for Donor Walls

A profound way to show appreciation to your donors is by having a donor recognition wall. But instead of brass plaques, many organizations are moving to digital signage to make their recognition efforts more modern, engaging, and customizable.
A Digital Signage Solution for Donor Walls

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A donor recognition wall allows you to show appreciation in a meaningful way. But if you hear that term and still think of brass plaques, it may be time for an upgrade. Today’s donor recognition displays can be a modern option that celebrates your story and supporters more creatively. Enter digital signage.

Using digital signage for donor recognition may be your ideal solution when updating your donor walls. Digital signage software allows you to create quick and painless digital donor walls for your school or organization's lobby and hallways. Additionally, interactive touchscreens will let you put this information at people’s fingertips. A donor board can be as simple as a digital signage layout with two content zones, and it can still be an upgrade from traditional methods. Most digital signage software will let you publish to websites, so you can add a donor spotlight on your site fed by your digital signage playlist.

Nonprofits rely heavily on donations, as do higher education and healthcare organizations, NGOs, and public-private entities. Schools, colleges, and universities want to celebrate donors, academic achievements, or athletic accomplishments. So, it’s no surprise that donor recognition walls have become popularized among these organizations to honor their supporters and build stronger relationships.

Although many organizations already use donor recognition plaques, moving to a digital donor wall will help make your recognition efforts more modern, customizable, and engaging.

Unlike traditional methods, digital recognition walls can be updated in real time. You can even tailor the wall's content to create a more personalized and holistic experience. And digital recognition walls can provide additional opportunities for engagement beyond the initial donation. For example, you can use the wall to highlight events or other ways for donors to become more deeply involved with your organization.

The top 7 benefits of digital donor walls include: 

    1. Instant Updates – Quick and easy updating of new donations, philanthropists, and volunteers.
    2. Spotlights – Posting spotlights on high-dollar donors and their history of gift giving.
    3. QR codes – Utilizing QR codes for on-the-spot donations. 
    4. Announcements – Showing program results, events, and announcements as well as donor recognition lists.
    5. Stories – Telling stories by creating an experience or including interactivity.
    6. History – Allowing visitors to explore your organization’s history.
    7. Mission Plan – Communicating the mission of your organization.

A Few Considerations
As you contemplate your donor wall, here are some crucial aspects to keep in mind. Plan how much room you will need. What size of displays will best fit your space? There are many digital content design options related to screen size. Consider both horizontal and vertical orientation as well as multi-panel displays.

And what about the cost? Costs will vary widely based on factors such as the display size and chosen materials. As you consider pricing, remember that donor recognition is an investment that can produce ROI as your organization grows.

Ensure you have all the information you want to include before building your donor board. This way, the project won’t get stalled for any reason. And think about how people may want to view your donors and build that functionality into your menus. You can even create a comprehensive directory with a well-thought-out donor board.

Finally, when it comes to digital donor recognition walls, it will likely be one of many paths to reaching philanthropists, so remember that while budgeting. You’ll want to combine it with other campaigns. And be sure to keep all your branding and design consistent across your campaigns for better recognition.

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Go to the profile of Lisa Matthews, CTS - AVIXA
about 1 year ago

Bringing stories to life and demonstrating how your contributions impact the efforts of the organization is powerful. And yes, it's important to consider the ROI of the investment. I'm curious to see some of the creative ways donors are being represented and what it takes to maintain the content. 

I'd love to see some examples of the installations and content design. Xchange members, please post your projects and share the link!

Go to the profile of Iulia Popescu - AVIXA
about 1 year ago

Yes, I would love to see some examples of installations from our members here too. If anyone has any projects to share, please feel free to do so here or tag me in any posts made!

Go to the profile of Gibran Nassif - AVIXA
about 1 year ago

Love this! Bringing donor walls to life with digital signage is worth it! It really enhances the meaning of donors and why they are important for companies and organizations. 

Go to the profile of Iulia Popescu - AVIXA
about 1 year ago

Yes, exactly! I remember the plaques on the wall of my school used to take a while to get replaced so they were constantly outdated and not fully accurate. Using digital signage helps to speed up the process and eliminate that problem altogether. When it comes to showing appreciation for your donors, it's important that your updates be quick and efficient.