2024 International Women's Day participation surges in the GCC Region

 2024 International Women's Day participation surges in the GCC Region

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On March 8, 2024, International Women’s Day was celebrated by the AVIXA Women's Council in Gulf Cooperation Council States (GCC). The event was commemorated with a memorable gathering in Dubai, graciously hosted by NMK Electronics Trading LLC. The event received additional support from Bose Professional, Q -SYS, Shure MEA, and Panacor Technologies. These organizations provided exceptional support in bringing together talented women from the Pro AV industry in GCC and produced an event that featured a range of impactful activities.

The key highlight of this year’s International Women’s Day event in the region has been the attendance, which has seen a significant growth since the inaugural event held in 2023 which had just 8 members join in for meetup in Dubai. Through the dedication and support of volunteers and supporting companies, the participation surged to 66 members in 2024.

Kicking off the event was a panel discussion, featuring Mayuri Ghagada (ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions), Anastasiia Bobrysheva (Nuevo Design), Alifiya Sura (Hikvision), Vandana Gupta (V Design). This ignited insightful conversations about the individual journeys and lessons learned by the attendees. The discussions centered on empowerment, fostering unity, and recognizing the supportive role men play in our industry.

Following the panel discussion, participants embraced tranquility and inner strength through guided meditation, breathing exercises, and a Zen Warrior coaching session. This segment served as a heartfelt tribute to the resilience, fortitude, and accomplishments of women, leaving all attendees feeling empowered and invigorated.

Attendees were also presented with well curated, thoughtful gifts by Q-SYS, Shure MEA and Bose Professional, which were warmly received and greatly appreciated by all participants.

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Love seeing all the photos. What a great community of women in AV! @Monisha Devaiah, thank you for sharing.