Sachin Aathreya

Marketing Specialist , Resurgent AV Integrators Pvt Ltd
Camilo Fernandez

Gerente Comercial, NOVOTC S.A.

Subair Thekkepurath Beeravu

AV-Engineer, University of Sharjah

AV support at higher education,Live events
Cesar Gonzalez

Director General, AUDIOVIDEX

Jamie Horner

Founder / Managing Director, HiCLIFF

Over 20 years of experience in engineering, product management, and systems architecture, working in the networking, media & entertainment, and AV industries. Led several industry-first enterprise video-over-IP projects. Founded HiCLIFF with a mission to help address the challenges of managing and securing new modern networked AV and media environments.
David Labuskes

CEO, Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association

I’m a has-been geek turned manager, turned executive, turned (hopefully) into leader.  I love technology and even more I love people.  So what I find really interesting is the intersection of people and technology…and in so many ways, that’s my definition of AV.

Monique Rezaei

Director of Channels, Americas, Microsoft

Brian Wheeler

System Design Engineer, Bluewater Technology

Roberto Braga

Sales Manager, Infoview

I am a professional with nearly 20 years of experience in the corporate AV industry. My expertise includes the commercial area, the design of AV solutions and installations. As my academic background is architecture, I find it easy to design diagrams and projects. Our projects include solutions for videoconferencing rooms, auditoriums and control centers. We work in partnership with the main players in the world market, where through training we can achieve excellence in our solutions.


Administrator, Redapple

All worlds all people

Mohammad Amin Thyab Alghazawy

Project Manager , Developed Solutions

10 years installing AV systems, Experience with security systems, surveillance cameras and smart homes, interested in artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things?
Chuck Smith

Business Development Manager, RDL

Martina López

Marketing Analyst, Newtech

Camila Chavarri

Marketing Team Leader, Newtech

Sowmyashree K

Lead - Customer Achievement, Resurgent AV Integrators Pvt Ltd

DELTA’s role within the Office of the Provost is to foster the integration and support of digital learning in NC State’s academic programs. We also support online and distance education programs at the university.


Lead the way in designing, creating and supporting extraordinary digital learning experiences.


DELTA applies expertise in technologies and pedagogies to create and nurture innovative, effective and impactful digital learning experiences for our community of instructors and learners with a collaborative, service-oriented and innovative mindset.

Values and Guiding Principles


We invest thought, care and compassion when making decisions that impact our staff and others.


We are transparent in our decision-making processes and communicate openly and often with each other and our colleagues.


We intentionally collaborate, encourage teamwork, develop partnerships and learn from others.

Data-informed Decisions

We gather and analyze data to help make thoughtful, data-informed decisions.


We are curious and open-minded; we ask bold questions and try new approaches without fear of failure.

Sarah Joyce

Chief Global Officer, AVIXA

Lisa Matthews, CTS

Manager, Digital Communities, AVIXA

A marketing professional and 20-year AV industry veteran, I am a proud CTS holder and enthusiastic #AVfoodie who is passionate about innovative technologies, design, and all things AV. I love sharing what this dynamic community has to offer and am excited to serve as Community Manager of AVIXA Xchange!
Krasimir Peykovski

Marketing & Communications, SpinetiX

Ashokkumar Baskaran

Consultant, Mannai Trading