Michael Hooper, CTS-I

Education Solutions Manager , Biamp
Paul Konikowski

CIS Manager, Cronos Consulting

► WHAT I DO: Results-driven professional with extensive, real-world experience in Audio Visual (AV), Information Technology (IT), and Cybersecurity. Proficient in leading cross-functional teams, implementing robust security measures, and optimizing technology infrastructure. Adept at leveraging advanced certifications, including Avixa CTS-D, CompTIA Security+, a certificate from Harvard, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and Master of Science in Cybersecurity from Georgia Tech. Committed to staying at the forefront of industry trends and technologies, and leading by example.   ► MY LEADERSHIP STYLE: • Manages issues and solutions with poise and confidence. • Leads and demonstrates the ability to gain support at all levels of the organization. • Maintains a strong sense of urgency to get things done thoroughly, not quickly, and delegates responsibility to others in a personable way. • Plans for the big picture while adapting to shifting gears to achieve goals, using strong foresight and organizational skills. ►WHAT SETS ME APART FROM THE REST: • Audiovisual + IT + Cybersecurity + Architectural + Marketing experience • Seasoned engineer / architect with broad and in-depth technical, analytical, and conceptual skills • Proven track record of effectively communicating with business leadership and other vendors • Strong interpersonal and collaborative skills to drive security messages to teams • Extensive knowledge of subcontracting, construction projects, labor estimates, privacy, control system protocols, and integrated audiovisual systems ▶ RELEVANT EXPERIENCE: 🔹 Cybersecurity: • Developed and executed cybersecurity strategies to safeguard critical systems and mitigate potential threats. • Conducted vulnerability assessments and advanced hunting techniques to identify and address security vulnerabilities. • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to ensure compliance with industry regulations and best practices. 🔹 AV and IT: • Successfully managed and supported AV and IT operations, overseeing the implementation and maintenance of technology solutions in military facilities, and audio visual integrators nationwide. • Led the design and deployment of integrated AV systems, enhancing collaboration and communication across the organization. • Implemented cybersecurity protocols to protect sensitive data and mitigate security risks. #GeorgiaTech #Harvard #RiskManagement #SecOps #SecurityOperationsCenter #CloudSecurity #DFIR #SecurityAuditing #Cybersecurity #Confidentiality #Integrity #Availability #IncidentResponse #InfoSec #NetworkSecurity #DataPrivacy #ThreatIntelligence 
Our Community Spotlight highlights some of the most prominent, active users in the AVIXA Xchange community. These quick interviews touch on hot topics within the AV industry right from the minds of experts in their respective fields.

Associate Vice President EMEAIO Sales & Global Alliances, ClearOne Inc

Grifiths Zachariah, CTS, is an experienced professional in the Pro AV industry, currently serving as the Associate VP for the EMEAIO Sales and Global Alliancesgion at ClearOne Inc. With a background in electronics engineering and nearly two decades of experience in the industry, Grifiths has worked in various technical, training, project management, and sales leadership roles. This extensive experience has given him a deep understanding of the latest trends and innovations in the field and a passion for sharing his knowledge with others. Throughout his career, Grifiths has worked with various system integration companies and manufacturers, managing large-scale projects and troubleshooting complex systems. This experience has equipped him with the skills needed to deliver high-quality, comprehensive training to AV professionals, focusing on sharing his experience to empower others to succeed in their careers.


As a broadcast professional and multiplatform strategist with a passion for writing, I bring a unique perspective to content creation. Throughout my broadcasting career, which began in 2005, I have honed my skills in video production, system integration, and live event management. I have also managed interns and performed field marketing projects while maintaining a self-driven commitment to ongoing learning and growth. In addition to my technical expertise, I am also an avid reader and enjoy exploring new avenues for personal and professional development. My work in the digital media and web development sector has given me a fresh perspective on the power of content to connect with audiences and create meaningful change. As a multifaceted individual, I take pride in excelling in various pursuits. From international competitions and sports events to writing and volunteering, I always seek new ways to challenge myself and positively impact the world. If you're looking for a collaborator who can help you bring your ideas to life and deliver results on time, I'm here to help. Let's connect and explore how to work together to achieve your goals.
Sheila Bowman

Sr. Manager, Member Services, AVIXA

Higher Ed AV aims to be the true voice of the customer, bringing the latest news and insights directly from those who serve in the trenches.
Greg Bronson CTS-D

Director, Standards and Technical Editor, AVIXA

In my role with AVIXA standards and content teams I provide technical advisement and strategic leadership. This primarily includes standards publications and the Exam Guide books. My interests span the broad spectrum of AV/IT technologies and systems our industry provides.  Prior to taking a staff role with AVIXA I worked supporting AV/IT solutions for both public and private education as a "Technology Manager" (roles including repair, installation, design and project management) as well as a longtime volunteer for AVIXA education and standards programs.
Joe Way

Executive Director, Digital Spaces, UCLA

I am Joe Way.
Luke Johnson

Classroom Technology Specialist , University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Ahmed Hussien

AV Presales / Design Engineer, Egyptian Micro Solutions

• +7 years' experience in AV integration and projects, working with the best technology providers worldwide. • Experience in multinational accounts/ projects as an AV integrator. • Experience in COC, CCC, NOC, and SOC solutions. • 3 years of military service as a reserve technical officer in the Egyptian Air Defense Forces. • Academic background: - - Major: Electronic Engineering - Minor: Control Engineering
Don Merritt

Director, University of Central Florida

A higher education technology leader well versed in AV, broadcasting, live and recorded video production, and teaching. Experienced in the study of virtual environments, video games, and accessibility. Don is the current President of the Educational Technology Collaborative (ETC, etcollaborative.org), The mission of ETC is to provide leadership and a forum for information exchange to the providers of media content, academic technology, and support for quality teaching and learning at institutions of higher education. Don is also the Director of UCF’s nationally recognized Office of Instructional Resources, which is responsible for AV design, consultation, integration and engineering, project management, end-user support and training, and planning for the university.
John Sidline

Product Marketing Manager, Biamp

Joshua Kaufman

CEO and Consultant, Back of the Hill Media

Iulia Popescu - AVIXA

Coordinator, Digital Content, Avixa

A University of Central Florida double-alum with a Master’s in Digital Media, I'm a content creator who loves bringing people together over shared interests. As AVIXA's Coordinator of Digital Content, I produce articles on a myriad of technology topics. I've also been working on virtual reality projects lately, transforming folk tales into VR narratives. 
Krasimir Peykovski

Communication & Marketing Senior Specialist, SpinetiX

At SpinetiX, I drive multichannel comms campaigns and oversee digital marketing, from website management to social media growth. I collaborate in cross-functional initiatives together with the product, support, and development teams to create product documentation. My role also involves directing our digital signage academy with AVIXA-approved courses and developing engaging brand-aligned content, as well as coordinating with internal and external partners to fulfill our marketing strategies. All this, while thriving in a multicultural setting of teammates from across the globe.
Sarah Joyce

Chief Global Officer, AVIXA

Ben Barnard

Regional Manager, UK & Ireland, AVIXA

Get in touch for anything related to AVIXA in the UK & Ireland - we're here to help and waiting to hear from you!
Lisa Matthews, CTS - AVIXA

Manager, Digital Communities, AVIXA

A marketing professional and 20-year AV industry veteran, I am a proud CTS holder and enthusiastic #AVfoodie who is passionate about innovative technologies, design, and all things AV. I love sharing what this dynamic community has to offer and am excited to serve as Community Manager of AVIXA Xchange!