Joe Way

Executive Director, Digital Spaces, UCLA
Higher Ed AV aims to be the true voice of the customer, bringing the latest news and insights directly from those who serve in the trenches.
Justine Hunter

Sr. Marketing Specialist, Panasonic Connect

Mitesh Patel

Marketing Manager, Dot Signage

Leandro Costa

Business Develper Management, Samsung

I am a business development manager in the B2B area of Samsung Latin America displays. Focus on digital Signage through Large Format Displays, LED panels, interactive screens and self-service kiosks.
Felipe Farias

Project engineer , Sibit

Britt Yenser

Director of Event Technology, Moravian University

A Higher Education technology manager whose goal is to lead the event technology department in providing exceptional AV services to Moravian's campus community and guests.  A writer for Higher Ed AV Media's Somehow I Manage column.  The host of the newly created brAVe [space] podcast.  A gardener and avid Richard Simmon's fan. 
chris wildfoerster

Business Development Manager, Axis Communications

I've been in the low voltage industry for my entire career in sales management / consulting / business development roles. I currently head up Axis network audio initiative in the US. Many know Axis as the first company to offer IP cameras. Sales are north of $1B and we are part of the Cannon Corporation. But many are unaware that we offer a complete portfolio of complimentary solutions such as Network audio. So what differentiates Axis audio from the thousands of other speaker manufacturers you ask? All of our speakers are PoE (nothing revolutionary there) BUT what is unique is that each speaker comes with built in, license free, configuration software. PoE switch to our speaker and you have a complete system. Axis Audio Manger Edge software allows you to; Configure 200 speakers (up to 20 zones), Store prerecorded messages, weekly scheduling to play those messages or change content sources, built in microphone for two way conversations, LED's that can be activated based on specific events, 4 levels of priority, DSP, health monitoring, PoE powered, two way communications and more. We even have A/D converters providing network capability to legacy analog gear. Larger more complex projects requiring up to 5,00 speakers and 100+ zones can be handled by Axis Audio Manager Pro. A server or e-license browser based solution. More information can be found here:  Check us out our latest gear and complete end to end solutions using audio, video, intercom, analytics and more at Infocomm 2023 booth #5450.
David Isola

Owner | VP, Sales and Service, Signage Media Plus Inc

Krissy Rushing Tomlin

CEO, RISE Media Strategy

Krissy Rushing Tomlin is the CEO and co-founder of RISE Media Strategy. RISE is a full-service marketing agency that emphasizes expert, no-rewrites-needed, use-everywhere content that creates a resounding YES in the commercial and residential AV markets and beyond. This new marketing and content firm provides a fresh perspective on messaging, content, and marketing using big-picture AV expertise plus boots-on-the ground tactical marketing and writing chops to bring your company's message into crystal-clear view. 
Keith Tromiczak

Project Manager, AVI SYSTEMS

Jeffrey Roeser

Sr. Electronics Tech., UC San Diego

Amitkumar Parmar

AV System Design Engineer, SPOR AV

David Small

Senior AV Technologist, Bangor Savings Bank

Gibran Nassif - AVIXA

Manager, Social Media, AVIXA

Hello everyone! I am Gibran, and I am the social media manager at AVIXA. I will be chatting with all of you here and sharing insightful topics from the AV industry and the Xchange with the social media world.
Joel Hagen

Sr. Content Specialist, Legrand | AV

I have spent years writing for a variety of media in a continually changing landscape. I grew from journalism roots into writing award-winning, engaging alumni newsletters for higher education on a variety of topics to convey complicated information to general audiences. The skills gained there meshed with a master’s degree in creative writing and transferred into content marketing in the AV manufacturing field. I advise, support and execute the creation of engaging, strategic messaging that strengthens connections and meets organizational goals to increase public visibility.
Nathaniel Foster

Audio Visual Engineer I, Foundation Medicine

Rathna Kumari G

SCM - Procurement Manager, Online Instruments India Private Limited

Donovan Marshall

AV System Specialist , New Jersey Institute of Technology