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Feb 08, 2024

This has a lot of interesting thought behind it, and makes me wonder what parts of technology do and don't work! It's a fine balance, in that technology plays much more of a personal and cultural impact than people consider. Giving learners the opportunity to absorb knowledge in a variety of manners is beneficial, especially if it's at their own pace, but human interaction remains the key factor so as not to use technology as a stand-in for a teacher!

Exactly, @Sebastian Faura - AVIXA ! Let's keep (forever) in mind that technology - advanced as it can be - will always be 'just' a tool to support pedagogy.

Feb 08, 2024
Replying to CARLOS MURILL0

Thanks for sharing dear @Jeroen De Keyser  !!!

Very important reading for All Manufacturers & Channels that promote the Adoption of New technologies in the classroom.


Mar 15, 2023

Interesting to read more about what MTRs should look like in the corporate world. I can see some situations in which my educational point of view might shine a new light on design and UX. Feel free to contact me if you're interested (