Jayaram Madathil Oravil, CTS-D, CTS-I (He/Him)

AV Design Engineer, EOS IT Solutions

About Jayaram Madathil Oravil, CTS-D, CTS-I

With over a decade of experience in the entertainment and AV industry. I have honed my skills as a versatile sound engineer and a seasoned AV professional. My Career journey stared in the dynamic world of studio recordings and mixing, where I developed a deep understanding of the technical and creative aspects of sound engineering. 

Eventually with a transition to the AV industry, I got expertise in pre-sales design and consultancy in the Hospitality, Retails, Stadium, Enterprise, Educational and mixed use spaces. 

Honored to be featured in the prestigious "40 under 40 INAVATE APAC 2023" 

My mission extends beyond technical excellence. I am committed to support the next generation of AV professionals, offering guidance and mentorship to help them navigate their careers. 

In addition to my professional endeavors, I am passionate about promoting mental wellness. I strive to create awareness and provide support for individuals dealing with depression. By focusing on mental wellness, I aim to foster a healthier and more supportive environment for all. 

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Replying to Monisha Devaiah

Thank you for sharing your perspective on mental health, Jayaram. We often tend to ignore matters of the mind. But it is critical to address these issues before anything else in our daily lives.

Welcome. Absolutely