Felipe Farias

Project engineer , Sibit
Leon Prather, CTS - AVIXA

Manager, Digital Product Operations, AVIXA

With over 20 years in the audiovisual industry, Leon Prather has worked extensively in both the technical and creative sides of AV. A digital native and advocate, he has also held numerous roles across digital services for organizations, including AVIXA, where he serves as Manager, Digital Product Operations. You can find him writing about topics like product management, entertainment technology news, and whatever geeky notion catches his attention today.

Girish Narayanan

Managing Director , Granteq

Amjad Ali


Rajath Rao R

Senior Project Engg, Velocis Systems Private Limited

Brycen Welborn

VP/Owner, FOH Productions, LLC

Anas Alkurdi

CEO, Pixel Solutions

Nic Bee

Head of Business, CONNECTB PLT

Chris Carmichael

Principal / Programmer, Intersystem Controls Inc

I started on the prewire crew and have done most jobs in the residential AV world. I settled on Crestron Programming and now have an amazing team to work with on some of the largest most complex jobs around. I firmly believe if you are not pushing the boundaries then you are falling behind so place a large emphasis on development.

Vinicius Mulieri de Oliveira

Sales&Marketing Analyst - AUDIO, Yamaha Musical do Brasil

Sidnei Barreto


Robledo Cardoso

Design Engineer, Av Seven Tech

Brandon Bowyer

Owner/Operator , Joy Media

Marc Jones

Principal, Professional Engineering Consultants, P.A.

Travis Williams

President, Rise Media Solutions

Bill Davis

Audio, Audio Engineer

Kris Johnson

President - Integration, Global Technology Group

Tom DiNome

PR/marketing, KMH Integration

Gregory Marullo

Instructional Support Associate, Stony Brook University

Joel Archer

General Manager, Senior Project Manager, Videotex Systems, Inc.

Paul Faz

AV Specialist II, Indeed