Dhimant Bhayani

Founder & CEO, iRevo Multimedia, Inc.

About Dhimant Bhayani

I am a tech entrepreneur and angel investor. At iRevo we build SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms and applications for a variety of video applications. The two offerings that would relate the most to this forum are our Digital Signage (iDS) and web communication (Aldo) platforms. I am based out of Silicon Valley for the last 40 years (minus few year in Singapore and India) with deep back ground in video domain, from Systems and Chips to SaaS and Applications via Cloud. I did my first startup in 1991 that built chips for live video capture and merging it with graphics, which later created a category called video scaler! As an Angel and a VC, I have invested in over 50 companies with exist valuation of almost a billion $, and was active participant or lead in exiting 4 other companies as a board member or investor. I am very good at connecting the dots and thrive by bringing new technologies to market.


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