Brandy Alvarado-Miranda

CEO/Owner, BAM! Marketing & PR Agency
Ben Thomas

Head of Pro AV, Sr. Director of Publishing, MarketScale

Ben currently serves as the Head of Pro AV and the Sr. Director of Publishing for MarketScale, a B2B publisher and strategic marketing firm. He has over a decade of award winning experience in media publishing for large scale events, OTT & live streaming platforms, marketing, network television, and podcasting. Ben decided on his career path at the age of 7, and to date has led some of the most influential brands in the world including Intel, Nokia, Samsung and Segway, to billions of content interactions. A huge hockey fan (Go Stars!), and former contestant and current fan of Family Feud, Thomas resides in Dallas, Texas.
Abdelaziz Bouzagraoui

AV support, Sidley Austin LLP

Narendra Babu

Support Manager , AVID

Julie Legault

President, Techni+Contact Canada Ltd

Imran Khan

AV Technician, MediaPro

Sam Lim

CEO, PT. ESCO Teknologi Integrasi

Mohammad Qadan

Smart Solution Consultant, Ebttikar Tech


coordinador de eventos, PLATAFORMA AUDIVISUAL

Steve Greisen

Entertainment industry, stevegreisen

Francisco Villagran

PM Ingenieria AV, LASSER

As an experienced Audio Visual Project Manager with a dedicated career spanning 17 years in the dynamic world of AV technology. Throughout my journey, I've cultivated a deep passion for orchestrating seamless audiovisual experiences that captivate and inspire audiences. With nearly two decades of hands-on experience, I've honed my skills in every aspect of AV project management, from initial concept development to final execution. My expertise encompasses a wide range of projects, including corporate events, live concerts, theatrical productions, and immersive installations. What sets me apart is my commitment to excellence and innovation. Over the years, I've remained at the forefront of industry trends, continually exploring new technologies and techniques to push the boundaries of what's possible in the AV realm. This forward-thinking approach has allowed me to deliver cutting-edge solutions that exceed client expectations and leave a lasting impression. Collaboration is at the heart of my work ethic. I thrive in environments where diverse teams come together to turn ideas into reality. By fostering open communication and leveraging each team member's unique strengths, I ensure that every project is executed with precision and creativity. In addition to my technical expertise, I bring a strategic mindset to project management. I understand the importance of meticulous planning, budget management, and timeline adherence. By meticulously overseeing every aspect of the project lifecycle, I ensure smooth execution and successful outcomes, time and time again. As an Audio Visual Project Manager, I don't just deliver projects; I craft unforgettable experiences that leave a lasting impact. My goal is simple: to create moments that inspire, entertain, and connect people on a profound level. With 17 years of experience under my belt, I'm excited to continue pushing the boundaries of audiovisual excellence and shaping the future of the industry.
Ganesh Tewari

Digital Marketing Executive & Content writer, OpticVyu

Hi, I am Ganesh Tewari, Regional Manager at OpticVyu Construction Camera. OpticVyu provides exclusive construction monitoring services through time-lapse-based construction camera, 360-degree image-based construction interior monitoring & material tracking in India, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and UAE.
ahmed alsak

Audio technician,

Annie Thuy Tran

Project Manager, DVI Solutions Asia | Ex-Vega Global

I started in the AV industry in July 2018 as Office Manager for Vega Global, Vietnam office, an AV SI in APAC; and since Jun 2023 as CM for DVI Solutions Asia.  Managing a small team in Vietnam; I have gone through many roles from Operations to Procurement, Sales, and Project Management. Taking care of the client inquiry from start to end helped me a lot in gaining knowledge and getting to know many industry peers. Knowledge can be gained in the way you are sharing!
Jairo Montero

Gerente de ventas, Sonivision

Vlad Smorodinnikov

Partner Network Development, Jalinga

mobin pawasker

System Integrator, Broadcoustic Media Solution

Fernando Retamoza Vega

Netgear Presales, Dextra Electronics Mexico