Ana Maria Restrepo

Regional Manager - Andean and South Central America Region, AVIXA
Vitor Silva

Sr, Vhs Áudio Vídeo Acústica

Thaise Lacerda

Financial controller, absolut technologies

David Labuskes

CEO, Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association

I’m a has-been geek turned manager, turned executive, turned (hopefully) into leader.  I love technology and even more I love people.  So what I find really interesting is the intersection of people and technology…and in so many ways, that’s my definition of AV.

Carla Charlton

Manager, Live Content EMEA, AVIXA

Andres Gutierrez

Gerente, Audio Video Solution

Will Murillo

Senior Designer, AVIXA

Valerie Gath

Senior Manager, Finance, AVIXA

Susana Alvarez Vitale

CEO, Newtech Solutions Multimedia

Steve Borho

Classroom Technology Design Manager, University of Guelph

Stephen Trapani

Manager, Certification, AVIXA

Manager of AVIXA's Certification Program. Avid sports fan. Lover of Disney Parks. 

Sergio Gaitan

Learning Director, Multimedia

Saul Silva

Ventas, Dáxel Domotica Audiovisual

Salvador Gonzalez M

Gerente de Proyectos, Viewhaus

Raimundo Nonato Barros Neto

Engineer, absolut technologies

Peter Schädel

Manager Marketing, EMEA, AVIXA

Peter Hansen

Economist, AVIXA

Pedro Quevedo

Project Manager , Sistasa

Nelson Baumgratz

Regional Manager - Mercosul, AVIXA

Michael Willis

Courtroom Technology Specialist, United States District Court - Northern District of Iowa

Eighteen years of experience in higher education AV, three years of experience in government AV. Non-professional interests include tennis, hiking, and the gospel. 

Megan Petrovich

Program Coordinator, Europe , AVIXA