World Events, Social Media & Corporate Messaging: A Three Step Guide

Knowing what to say and when to stop talking: Corporate communications and social media in times of global crisis
World Events, Social Media & Corporate Messaging: A Three Step Guide
Image credit: Caster Communications

This Caster Communications blog post by Olivia Sellke caught my attention today. It's a topic many marketing and PR professionals grapple with....and one that can greatly impact your brand.

It's thoughtfully written and guides us to be authentic yet cautious. I hope you find it helpful. Please share your thoughts and any helpful strategies you employ below. 

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This blog post is so good. As a marketing professional, I think It's very hard to talk about this important world events on social networks as a company. 

Something very important is understand very well who your audience is and speak to them directly. For example, in Molver we didn't choose to talk about Israel and Hamas because it was a delicate topic. But we made some posts and email campaings about the economic situation in Argentina and the possibilities we offer to the organizations. 

What is essential is not to use highly important social issues in order to obtain sales. I consider that this is not ethically correct. Obviously, it is always nice for a company to show empathy.

Thank you Lisa for sharing!