Webinar Renewal Units


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Renewal units for webinars have historically only been issued to those who were able to attend it live.  Well, not any longer! A lot of you have asked us why were our webinar RUs only granted to live attendees?  That's no longer the case. Now available premium and elite members of AVIXA can get credit for watching webinars after they've aired live.  We understand that not everyone can make themselves available at 1PM Eastern throughout the week.  So now we're giving everyone the opportunity to get those webinar renewal units.  Here's how you do it. Simply log into your profile at AVIXA.org and look for the training tab, from there click webinars. You can see upcoming webinars and those that have been already recorded on this page.  Again, to receive credit you need to be logged in.  If you're not, it can also be done there too. We've made it really simple.  Here's a link: Webinars | AVIXA

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Go to the profile of Lisa Matthews, CTS - AVIXA
about 2 years ago

Thanks, @Dion Cooke !

Go to the profile of Leon Prather, CTS
about 2 years ago

Can you add info about the difference between UR and Normal mode?