Wayfinding in Walmart

Proof of Concept Walmart did in Glenpool Oklahoma earlier this year
Wayfinding in Walmart

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We always get a kick out of what Walmart is willing to try. The latest we saw is Interactive touch kiosk provided as a proof of concept in a Walmart store (Glenpool OK).

Incredibly successful instore retail use of Digital Wayfinder. It incorporated live and near-live data connections to three Walmart back-end services to provide location and stock availability in the store, which was provided through the wayfinder interface to allow customers to search for over 300,000 products, and be routed to the exact shelf the product resides on.

If the product was out of stock, or if it was classed as a heavy or oversize item, the system would also 'upsell' the idea of having the product delivered to your home, and would provide a deep-link to the Walmart.com website with the product and store preselected.

As well as a 3D instore map and routing experience, the kiosk also provided curated content through the use of 'top deals', 'recipes' and 'health' scripted items to allow customers to e.g. find a recipe and add all the ingredients to a list to pick up around the store.

Promotional advertising is also possible, and as well as standard brand videos, a number of interactive adverts were created to enable further engagement with the brands.

The same people that did the software here are the same ones who did the Cosmopolitan hotel lobby refit.

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Go to the profile of Dawn Meade
over 1 year ago

Thank you for sharing this! It's fantastic to see the IRL end result of the Walmart kiosk project. Five years ago, I briefly worked at Gable prior to starting my current job, and I was part of the team that worked on the initial proposal to get this project. I'm so glad to see that they actually won the project and that it has been so successful in deployment! Well done, Gable, Quividi, and all the partners on this project. 

Go to the profile of Aaron Weiler
over 1 year ago

Wow this is super cool! It's somewhat like the idea of Bluetooth wayfinding. From what I'm gathering here, it would actually be interesting to see the two in tandem. For example, when the person finds the item on the kiosk that they need, they would then use the walmart app on their phone to have it "guide" them like a gps, to the exact location. This would also open up the a highly-specific revenue stream for the Walmart. If you think about how you are now guiding people to a location, you then know what they also pass to get there. Using that "path" you could send the customer ads and deals on products that they will surely see on their way to make their purchase. Cant wait to see what comes of this!