Under-prioritising Availability is not good for business.

The Confidentiality, Integrity and the Availability of information and data assets the pillars of Information Security. But the reality is most cybersecurity efforts prioritise the first two legs of the tripods and don’t pay much attention system Availability and user experience.
Under-prioritising Availability is not good for business.

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User experience is at the core of IT delivery. Designing a cybersecurity systems which allows authorised users access to the data and information they need, when they need it, is actually a key component of Information Security; hence the CIA triad of Confidentiality, Integrity and AVAILABILITY.

The essence of cybersecurity is supporting the delivery of strategic business objectives. A cybersecurity architecture that mainly prioritises protecting data and information from access by unauthorised elements (Confidentiality), ensuring data remains in its intended state (Integrity), but fails to make data and information accessible, in a consumable form to authorised user, as and when they need it, cannot be effective at delivering business outcomes.

Situating cybersecurity architecture on all the legs of the CIA triad is a business imperative.

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