The futuristic booth designed by Lumalia Studio stood out at the 2024 FAD Awards ceremony

We thoroughly enjoyed the architecture awards ceremony, immersing ourselves in the rhythm of @miquipuigdj's music within the futuristic booth designed and sponsored by @lumaliastudio - Blue & Green Spirit.
The futuristic booth designed by Lumalia Studio stood out at the 2024 FAD Awards ceremony

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An Unforgettable Night at the FAD Awards! 🌌

Last night, the 2024 FAD Awards celebrated excellence in architecture and interior design, showcasing innovative and trend-setting projects. The DH Ecoenergías Thermal Plant in Palencia by Fernando Rodríguez and Pablo Oriol (FRPO) and Casa 1736 in Barcelona by Harquitectes won the top awards. Other winners included Casa Nube in Madrid and Tienda Gimaguas in Barcelona, recognized for their excellence in various categories like Interior Design, City and Landscape, and Ephemeral Interventions.

The ceremony brought together established architects from Spain and Portugal, emerging talents, and architecture students. The awarded works were selected from 34 finalists out of 415 submissions across different categories.

The DH Ecoenergías Thermal Plant in Palencia stands out for its elegant structural solution, using four columns to support a light-filled central space, creating a sense of weightlessness.

The Lumen Learning Center is notable for its complex and large-scale construction, achieved with high quality in a demanding context. Inspired by the architectural model of the umbráculo, the design blurs boundaries, integrating vegetation and public space.

The grand architecture event saw professionals from Spain and Europe gather. 

The highlight was @miquipuigdj’s performance in the futuristic booth designed and sponsored by Lumalia Studio - Blue & Green Spirit, creating a vibrant and captivating atmosphere.

Discover Horizon, an immersive digital lighting sculpture with a distinctive architectural character. It features a dynamic light surface that, through color and movement, depicts the transition from the vertical to the horizontal plane. This cantilevered solution harmoniously emphasizes the perception of slenderness and lightness in its form.

Congratulations to all the winners and Lumalia Studio for their incredible contribution to the success of this magical night!.




About Lumalia Studio: Lumalia Studio, part of the LEDDREAM group, specializes in creating and executing dynamic digital lighting projects. They combine creativity with innovative techniques and technologies to offer unique solutions. Lumalia designs and creates lighting concepts with carefully selected products that meet high-quality standards and extensive professional experience. They also manufacture custom luminaires tailored specifically to client projects. Committed to providing the best lighting experience, Lumalia delivers solutions perfectly suited to client needs and expectations. More information:

For more information on the winners and event details, visit Arquinfad

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