So Come on, Let's Take a Field Trip to Some Amazing AV Installs!

AVIXA's Field Trip series highlights cool AV installations at learning facilities around the world.
So Come on, Let's Take a Field Trip to Some Amazing AV Installs!

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Admit it... you've once heard the term "school is cool" and thought to yourself, "wow, this school thing is actually not as cool as it's hyped up to be."

Well, guess what? We, the video crew at AVIXA, are here to tell you that school can be pretty dang cool, all thanks to audiovisual technology and the awesome people who put these experiences together. How? Let's take a look with AVIXA's Field Trip series!

Episode 1: Let's go to UNLV in Las Vegas, Nevada.
This incredible installation features an auditorium that can go toe-to-toe with the best theatre setups in the world! Featuring an ultra-high resolution display and perforated screen that supports vivid projection and delivers impactful Dolby Atmos sound, this install gives students a more exciting learning experience.

Episode 2: Let's go to the LIFE Campus in Copenhagen, Denmark.
When it comes to top-notch integration of design and tech, LIFE Campus delivers an experience that brings students and faculty closer to STEM. Featuring a large projection room, appropriately named "The Colossal Hall," and even a visible look at the AV equipment powering the facility, it is a treat for the eyes, along with the mind.

Episode 3: Let's go to the VR Igloo at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan.

VR technology is cool, there is no denying that! But what if you can share that experience with everyone around you? That's what Paul Cooper and co. visualized when working with Igloo Vision to install a full 360-degree experience that takes learning, and teaching to new heights.

Episode 4: ???
This is where you come in! Do you have a tip on any cool AV installations in the education world that we should highlight? *cough* @Joe Way *cough*

Let us know at and help us share to the world that school can, indeed, be cool!

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Go to the profile of Joe Way
over 1 year ago

Someone rang, @Narin Nara ? LOL 
I know a great install! :)

Go to the profile of Narin Nara
over 1 year ago

Yessir! Hope all is well Joe – hit me up and let's set it up!