Share Your Current Challenge – Tip #10

Share Your Current Challenge – Tip #10

As a member of AVIXA Xchange, you have a community of experts at your fingertips. Everyone has experiences and knowledge to contribute, and everyone has challenges and questions that could benefit from that shared expertise.

So, what is your current challenge and how can you leverage the community’s support? Ask!

  • Choose a Room - Determine where you’d like to share your query. Each Room is visited and watched by individuals based on a specific area of interest. If in doubt, Xchange Community Chat Room is likely a good place to start.
  • Click on the Room and select the green “Start a Conversation” button in the header image.
  • Give your post a subject line and convey your challenge to the group, asking for some suggestions or examples.
  • Click Post!

Thank you for being a part of the community! Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas via a comment below or click on my profile and start a conversation with me!

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