Save the Date - 26 April 2023

Save the Date - 26 April 2023

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Save the date for 2023's first edition of AVIXA APAC Member Forum

At 2023’s first edition of the APAC Member Forum, we present AVIXA Xchange Live on a virtual platform. Xchange Live is a popular program delivered by AVIXA at leading trade shows like InfoComm and ISE. The program is designed in a manner where the topics are curated to reflect the industry buzz and trends across the AV world as featured on the Xchange community platform.

Through Xchange Live, attendees have the chance to hear industry experts, discuss trending topics from the Xchange, stimulate their thinking and spark conversations.

Topic: Digital Workspaces: Roadmap to creating future ready, modern and efficient workspaces

Date: 26 April 2023

Time: 1pm SGT

Stay tuned for details!

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