Retirement of AVIXA's Audio Visual Provider of Excellence (APEx) Program


AVIXA is continuously evaluating the vitality and impact of every member program along with the products and resources we provide to members.  As part of this evaluation, we have recognized that the APEx program has been through several iterations over the past five years, yet has seen a steady decline in new and renewing applicants.  In lieu of other programs that provide stronger impact, the APEx program will be discontinued at the end of 2022. 


On behalf of everyone at AVIXA, I want to express my appreciation for your commitment to the APEx program, and support of AVIXA in general. That said, we are working on some really exciting initiatives. As some of our most engaged Members, we want to invite your company to join and participate in the AVIXA Xchange.  Xchange is AVIXA’s new global collaboration platform connecting thought leaders, industry-leading solution providers, and innovative manufacturers with technology buyers. We encourage you to participate in Xchange to promote the quality work capabilities you have built through your investment in education and certified professionals.  


Moving forward, AVIXA will not admit any new companies requesting the designation in the future. Any company currently in the APEx program will be provided with an updated APEx certificate that will show the date the company received the designation, and it will expire at the end of 2022. All current web credentials and program descriptions will remain active during this time. 

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Go to the profile of Dawn Meade
6 months ago

Is there a replacement company or enterprise certification program in the works, or will individual certifications be the only ones offered?  I have been including certification requirements and preferences in our enterprise AV SOWs for a while now, and need to know whether I should simply append with "or equivalent company certification" or just remove the section on company certs... 

Go to the profile of Megan Kuhman
6 months ago

Hi Dawn,

While AVIXA is thinking about what kind of program could replace the APEx program, and if one or another would be more successful in the industry. At this moment in time only our individual certifications are being offered.

Go to the profile of Dawn Meade
6 months ago

Thanks Megan. I'll adjust our SOW/RFP requirements appropriately. 

Go to the profile of Dion Cooke
6 months ago

Thanks Megan.