Outernet's "Immersive Snow Globe"

Enjoy this exclusive interview with Sanj Surati as he discusses his work on Outernet's 'Enchanted Snow Globe’ With Uniqlo
Outernet's "Immersive Snow Globe"

Step into the magical world of the Enchanted Snow Globe at Outernet London, proudly presented by Uniqlo. In this amazing AV holiday installation, you can immerse yourself in a life-sized snow globe experience where hand-illustrated villagers come to life. You can engage in virtual snowball fights and go shopping. This installation beautifully combines AV technology with the spirit of Christmas. You can even dive into the fun by creating digital snow angels on the central screen, thanks to interactive cameras that capture your real-time body movements.

We do know someone who was involved in this project— @Sanj Surati over at Tiger Heart. We sat down with him to discuss how Outernet's idea came to life and what the future holds for these kinds of immersive holiday events.

Watch the full interview below:

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Go to the profile of Md sadek Hossain
2 months ago

 I am interested latest way 

What an inspiring project! I love hearing how it engaged families - what incredible memories they'll have! And I want to make a digital snow angel!! Congratulations, @Sanj Surati, and thanks for sharing the story behind the magic.

Go to the profile of Sanj Surati
2 months ago

Always a pleasure. Thank you guys for letting me share my perspective 🙌