Meeting Xchange members at in-person shows


It was lovely to meet @Annie Thuy Tran from Vega Global, in person at InfoComm SEA, Bangkok.

Thanks for coming by to the AVIXA booth! 

In person shows offer a chance to catch up with members and the industry, while Xchange is an extension of this meeting and helps us stay connected with them throughout the year on the network. 

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Go to the profile of Lisa Matthews, CTS
17 days ago

Awesome! I LOVE this! Making and maintaining connections is what it's all about! @Annie Thuy Tran , thanks for being part of the community! And thanks, @Monisha Devaiah , for opening the door...

Go to the profile of Annie Thuy Tran
8 days ago

Thank you Monisha and Lisa  @Monisha Devaiah @Lisa Matthews, CTS  I love Axixa Exchange and thanks for sharing the great resources and connection :)

Go to the profile of Monisha Devaiah
8 days ago

Great to know that @Annie Thuy Tran ! Please feel free to share articles /insights under relevant channels whenever you get a chance.