Thoughtful, innovative and flexible workspaces that enable people to work better, collaborate, co-create new ideas and think creatively in moments of focused individual work or team active engagement even with remote participants from around the world.

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Follow me here, I'm preparing more interesting video stories of our customers and AV integrations. Next time I will present the story of a hybrid work strategy where the workplace is used as an "office campus". The work is done on the required dates, but in a work environment that people choose for themselves.

LIVESPORT workspaces that inspire and help people transform into hybrid and flexible ways of working.

The last months have shown that people expect something completely different from office space than what we were used to before the pandemic. Of course, this raised a lot of new questions.

The answer is simple, it all depends on the work experience of people and employees. If you understand how people work during the work day, week, month, you can tailor the work environment to meet their individual needs. E.g. how to get the most out of workspaces that are designed for hybrid work (office work combined with remote work)?

In order to be able to manage the overall process simply and clearly, you need to divide individual types of work activities, such as coordinating with other people, team brainstorming, writing an email or making informal connections with colleagues and customers... etc. He thinks about the office as a whole, and not only as about "working" spaces. Make sure the spaces are designed around people's needs and wants, because that's the only way people will like to come back to those spaces, discuss them and think.

Encourage complex and creative group work. Pay attention to spaces outside of "traditional/fixed work" functions, as they are just as important to the productivity and active engagement of remote team members. In today's new work environment, where needs are constantly changing, flexible space design is essential. To make the right choice, you need a deep understanding of what your people do and how they achieve it.

No matter how your people develop their hybrid work style, it's important that the business meets their needs. The end result is a smart diverse, creative, flexible and safe workspace that inspires individuals, teams and the entire organization.

Vendors: Logitech, EVOKO, SAMSUNG, Google

Location: Czech republic, Prague, LIVESPORT

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