Leveraging Digital Signage to Improve Employee Morale and Connection

Leveraging Digital Signage to Improve Employee Morale and Connection

For many years, companies have searched for new ways to connect with employees and foster a sense of belonging and cohesion at work. In the last two years, adoption of tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams and Zoom skyrocketed. Slack “added 9,000 new paid customers from Feb. 1 to March 25” in 2020, Microsoft Teams’ daily active users nearly doubled from 2021 to 2022, and Zoom reached 300 million daily meeting participants in late April 2020—up 50% from earlier in the month.

As employees have returned to the office, corporate communications leaders have focused on developing effective internal communications strategies that incorporate these tools and various other technologies, including company intranets, virtual town halls and staff emails. Among these emerging solutions, employee-facing digital signage is one technology companies should consider for their internal communications strategies. 

Employee-facing digital signage can take many forms: digital signage in a lobby area or break room, a tablet outside a conference room, or kiosks in high-traffic zones. When used correctly, employee-facing digital signage can be a powerful way to increase employee engagement.

Many factors play into disengagement at work, isolation may be a driver for many. A recent study from EY (via CNBC) found that more than 80% of employees surveyed have felt or feel lonely at work. In today’s hybrid work environment, co-workers often see less of each other face to face. This isolation could lead employees to think that they are not seen at work or that their contributions are not being recognized.

One way that corporate communication leaders can address this rising trend and help employees feel like they belong at work is by incorporating digital signage into their internal marketing programs. Employers can use digital signage to prominently recognize employees for their contributions and develop a sense of community in the office.

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