Introducing Our Holographic Showcase at EuroCIS 2024

We would like to announce that we have participated in EuroCIS from February 27th to 29th 2024 and we are writing to share some exciting details about the exhibits of our holographic display showcased.
Introducing Our Holographic  Showcase at EuroCIS 2024


Holo Industries Inc. debuted its revolutionary Holo Shop, an interactive holographic storefront solution, at Partner Tech Booth Hall 9 / D13-D-22 during EuroCIS 2024 in February. The technology allows customers to engage with life-size holographic runway models and product promotions outside the booth, offering an immersive experience.
Holo Shop aims to address the decline in brick-and-mortar foot traffic byenabling virtual interactions with products outside the store and completing transactions inside.
The plug-and-play device runs on various operating systems and offers diverseapplications, from interactive eye tests to showcasing fashion.

75” Life-size Holographic display

6’ high Holo Shop display behind a glass and brick facade at NRF. While it is difficult to capture the holographic image in mid-air, The model is suspended in the aisle and is pictured walking toward the customer.

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21” Through-the-Window interactive display

Unlike window displays, Holo Shop interacts with potential customers outside the shop. Interact with potential customers outside with interactive holographs and increase foot traffic!

Thank you for Visiting Us at EuroCIS 2024 for Holo Shop
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Online Meeting/Demonstration Request

We have international sales experts ready for sharing more details and giving you product demonstrations on your site. Please feel free to contact us for a meeting appointment. Should you have any further questions or require any assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to help.


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