Introducing Holographic Products of our Chinese Partner

We are excited to introduce you to the latest products from our Chinese partners.
Introducing Holographic Products of  our Chinese Partner

ASKA3D Partner in China

Yesar Electronics Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. - China

Yesar Electronics Technology founded in 2016 and headquartered in Shanghai's Zhangjiang Science and Technology Park, is a trailblazing high-tech enterprise specializing in the development of holographic display technology.

Holo Elevator Products Hall Call and Car Call

YESAR has achieved non-contact holographic hall call and car call for elevators. YESAR offers product lineups in 4-inch and 5-inch sizes. It is also possible to retrofit older elevators with this technology. Control through voice recognition is also supported. This technology has a proven track record of successful implementation worldwide and is trusted for its reliability.

Holo Automotive Products

YESAR offers holographic solutions for automobiles. They are capable of developing both hardware and software. In response to requests from automotive manufacturers, they provide holographic automotive solutions that combine the latest technologies such as gesture control and voice control.

Holo Kiosks / 10-inch size or larger

YESAR develops large-sized non-contact holographic kiosk terminals, with screens larger than 10 inches, for retail stores and government use. In places where many people come into contact, such as reception areas, holographic kiosks are effective for infection control measures. YESAR handles both hardware and software design for these solutions.

Yesar Electronics Technology is not just a company; it's a commitment to revolutionizing industries through innovative holographic solutions. Unleash the potential of holographic displays with Yesar Electronics Technology, your premier distributor for ASKA3D in China.

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