Interview with ASKA3D's Partner in Dubai

Interview With ACTAIR Chief Innovation Officer Mohammad Hatamleh
Interview with ASKA3D's Partner  in Dubai

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Thank you for your time today.
First of all, could you please introduce yourself and your company?

I am an experienced technology executive with a track record of success in leading high-performing teams and driving business growth. With over 18 years of experience in innovative technology solutions, he specializes in supply chain management and has led commercial-scale operations in the technology industry in the GCC. I am a strategic thinker with a passion for innovation and a talent for identifying opportunities and delivering exceptional results.

Please tell us about your main business

The ACTAIR technology is an innovative and cutting edge solution that enables users to interact with devices in a precise and accurate manner without the need for physical contact. By employing holographic and contactless touch solutions, ACTAIR offers a safer, germ free , and more private way to interact with devices, while also providing an attractive and engaging user experience. With its advanced features and capabilities , ACTAIR is at the forefront of next generation touch screen technology, offering a new level of convenience, efficiency , and security for users across a range of industries and applications.

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What is the reason why you decided to become the distributor for ASKA3D? What was the deciding factor?

A. In 2020, the Covid 19 pandemic broke all norms, touching a public screen became undesirable, the requirements for safe interactions in public spaces are increasing at an unprecedented level, putting pressure on providers of self service, multi user digital kiosks(ATM,QMS, POS, self check in, etc) and everyone whose product involve physical interactions.

B. The growing use of touch screens in our daily lives has sparked privacy concerns. Touch screens make it easy for others to observe our device activity, including sensitive information and private content, posing risks to our personal and professional lives. This is especially concerning in public spaces where screen visibility is high.

How do you usually propose ASKA3D?
Please tell us about your target market and sales proposal process?

A. The industry is in the growth stage; the holographic industry is expected to grow by more than 29% over the next five years.

B. The market of the screens is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.3% from 2021 to 2026

C. The pandemic raised awareness of the importance of touchless applications to avoid getting the infection. Even after lifting restrictions, people are discouraged from using a touch screen.

What is the best thing about becoming the distributor for ASKA3D?

Technical and commercial support from ASKA3D.

I would like to thank ASKA3D Team for the great support technically and comercially which reflecting on our targetes to increase the awarness of the Interactive Hologhraphic Solution.

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