Interview with ASKA3D's Partner in China

Interview with Yesar Electronics Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Strategic Marketing Director Hu Yue
Interview with ASKA3D's Partner  in China

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Reasons of Becoming a Distributor for ASKA3D and Challenges

  1. We became aware of this technology since 2017, as the founder of YesAR felt its future potential.

  2. Yesar aims to transition this technology to the mass production stage and deeply integrate it into people's lives.

Thank you for your time today. First of all, could you please introduce yourself your company?

I am Hu Yue from YesAR. I joined YesAR in 2017 and have been responsible for holographic display-related projects and markets. I have handled projects for automotive manufacturers and Tier 1 companies in China, as well as non-automotive projects such as telecommunications companies, banks, and others. Yesar Group's headquarters is located in Zhangjiang Science and Technology Park in Pudong, Shanghai. Founded in 2016, it is a high-tech company focused on the development & applications of holographic display technology. We possess advanced research and development capabilities in various fields such as optical imaging, holographic display, AR algorithms, and human-machine interaction, and we undertake both automotive and non-automotive projects. Our founder, Mr. Shi Jinghua, has 20 years of experience in the automotive industry, covering areas such as design, quality, supply chain, and operations management. Our vision is to bring holographic display technology into mass production and provide services to various industries. Currently, we are developing mass-produced products for the elevator scene and plan to produce all products in domestic factories in China by 2024. For automotive supply, we have partnered with a listed company in Shanghai.

Please tell us about your main business.

Our main focus is on smart display product systems targeting various application scenes such as automotive smart cockpits, industrial control, and consumer electronics. Another focus is on development and sales of AR HUD, in-car holographic entertainment systems, contactless holographic display control terminal products, and dielectric hologram modules. We also act as a distributor for ASKA3D and provide services to customers in various industries worldwide.

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The reason for considering becoming a distributor for ASKA3D and what were the deciding factors?

We felt that this technology has promising prospects, and ASKA3D was leading other companies in terms of patents and industrialization capabilities.

How are you currently presenting ASKA3D? Could you please tell me about the target market and your approach to proposals?

The Chinese market is relatively large, with many companies showing interest in this technology. We are targeting various industries, including automotive, white goods, commercial displays, self-service machines, and exhibition spaces.

What are the benefits of becoming a distributor for ASKA3D?

  • Being able to collaborate with the ASKA3D team to pioneer the hologram market and receive technical support.

  • Handling the market in China.

  • Having the opportunity for strategic cooperation.

What future do you envision through ASKA3D? Please tell us about your future business development plans.

We aim to meet the customer demands in the automotive industry through ASKA3D plates, achieve mass production targets for automotive hologram projects, and expand the market.

From 2018 to 2023, Yesar and ASKA3D were able to build a strong cooperative relationship. However, due to the market's lack of deep understanding of this technology, we are considering planning mass-produced products. We hope to strengthen and deepen cooperation in the future, and work together to develop more hologram mass-produced products.

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