Intel and Yealink: Innovative Video Conferencing Experiences with Security in Mind

To address the various video conferencing issues faced by businesses and enhance overall user experience, Yealink has partnered with Intel.
Intel and Yealink: Innovative Video Conferencing Experiences with Security in Mind

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Businesses will be ushered into a new era where hybrid workplaces are the norm, regardless of their level of preparedness. Data reveals that more than 80% of managers intend to introduce more flexible work policies, while over 70% of employees state that they would use these policies to enhance their productivity and adjust to the new normal1. Furthermore, 77% of remote workers report increased efficiency while working from home2. Although hybrid work arrangements offer greater convenience and flexibility to businesses, they pose challenges.

To address the various video conferencing issues faced by businesses and enhance overall user experience, Yealink has partnered with Intel to launch a more efficient, secure and easy-to-use video conferencing solution based on Intel® architecture. This successful partnership has been highly acclaimed by customers worldwide.


Better Meetings with Yealink's Video Conferencing Solution, Powered by Intel Platform

Yealink is a public global communications corporation that offers user experience friendly software + hardware video conferencing, IP voice communications and collaboration solutions with international quality and leading technology. With a range of core audio and video technology patents, Yealink has developed a video conferencing solution based on Intel architecture that caters to the needs of different scenarios, including large, small, and medium-sized conference rooms. This solution is optimized for popular video conferencing software like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, and comes with essential components such as MCore microcomputers, MTouch II touch panels, a full range of 4K AI tracking cameras, and scenario-customized audio components to provide full-scenario coverage.

Yealink also collaborates closely with key partners such as Teams to perform in-depth optimizations of their devices that are based on Intel architecture, thereby enhancing performance and stability. Thanks to the powerful AI inference capabilities offered by Intel architecture, Yealink's video conferencing solution also supports sound source location, facial close-ups, intelligent noise cancellation, intelligent portrait recognition, and other advanced technologies that improve the effectiveness of conferences by intelligently processing complex conferencing tasks, and bring agile data insights.


Streamlining Video Conferencing Adoption with Enhanced Stability, Flexibility and Security

Yealink's video conferencing solution not only addresses the long-standing issues that have hindered widespread adoption, such as poor audio and video quality, but also tackles other common obstacles like limited network compatibility, complex equipment usage, and high deployment and maintenance costs.

  • By achieving full-scenario coverage for video conferencing, users are no longer limited by terminals and venues. They can flexibly join conferences through special conference room equipment, PCs, mobile terminals, browsers, etc., with significantly improved flexibility;
  • Yealink solution based on Intel architecture enjoys mainstream operating system and software support with outstanding compatibility and stability. Moreover, it has strong codec and multiscreen connection capabilities which ensure a smooth conference experience in complex scenarios such as multi-person audio and video conferences;
  • The wireless connection frees users from the shackles of distance, allowing them to participate in video conferencing anytime and anywhere;
  • The improved tier of network security protection reduces the risk of important data leakage and meets compliance requirements.


Build Next-Generation Video Conferencing Solution to users around the globe

Yealink and Intel are expanding their partnership to provide efficient video conferencing solutions that help businesses respond to the challenges of transforming work environments and expanding commercial value. According to sources, both companies are committed to relying on AI technology to incorporate more office automation and remote desktop technologies into the solution, enabling video conferencing systems to evolve from a meeting tool to an office platform, while achieving seamless office automation and further improving productivity.

The two companies also plan to incorporate Intel vPro® technology and Intel® DPDK, a set of open source data plane development tools, into the solution. Intel vPro technology integrates corporate-level performance, hardware-enhanced security features and remote manageability. This will help IT administrators overcome space limitations, manage increasingly diverse access equipment and devices, and remotely detect and repair devices to solve problems such as difficulties in operating, maintaining, and repairing video conferencing equipment.

Through continuous innovation, Yealink and Intel will collaborate to build a more efficient, secure, convenient and high-quality video conferencing solution to help more users expand the application of hybrid working models, and help businesses improve efficiency while helping employees achieve a better work-life balance.

As video conferencing will continue on a rapid track of growth in the foreseeable future, we intend to deepen our collaboration with partners such as Intel to offer full-scenario video solutions for users through software + hardware and cloud + terminal integration, while continuing to expand AI applications for video conferencing in order to provide global users with a secure, convenient, high-quality and innovative video conferencing experience.” Said by Alvin Liao, the VP, Head of Product, Yealink.

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