#InfoComm22 Insights: From Steve Gibbs Jr. via Higher Ed AV

"People are still the best part of our industry," writes Stephen Gibbs Jr. For many, #InfoComm22 was more than a trade show. Check out Steve's insights in this month's "Small World AV" column.: https://higheredav.com/infocomm22-insights-small-world-av/
#InfoComm22 Insights: From Steve Gibbs Jr. via Higher Ed AV

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"#InfoComm22 Insights" by@Stephen Gibbs via Higher Ed AV

The one we have been waiting on for a long time.  Three years since the #AVTweeps gathered in what seemed like full force.  There might not have been a ton of groundbreaking tech on the floor, but it was good to see the people at those booths and to be able to talk to them about the advances they are making and the future of their products.  It was amazing to gather together and learn about how they have survived the last couple of years.  I will try to dive into some themes that emerged this year at the show to help summarize just a bit of what went on.  It was a week that did wonders for my mental health to know that others you have reached out to and grown to know are alive and non-virtual and doing great work.  [Read More...]

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