InfoComm 2023: AV Marketers Meetup & Networking

InfoComm 2023: AV Marketers Meetup & Networking

AV marketers eager to exchange ideas and discuss marketing trends were out in force today at AVIXA Xchange Live! Sanj Surati, Digital Atelier - Tiger Heart welcomed Dan Goldstein, CMO - AVIXA, for a lively discussion on social media tactics, SEO, data analysis, and influencer strategies in the AV realm.

Goldstein kicked off the event with the results of an AV survey with great news for AV marketers - budgets are up, and more events are on the horizon. The survey also revealed lead and demand generation are the top marketing expenditures, and marketing and sales teams have closed ranks around common goals. 

Our biggest challenges include demonstrating marketing's value internally and social media reach/influence. Standing out from competitors is also top of mind for brand-savvy marketers.  

Video content, social media, website upkeep, and PR endeavors all play important roles in AV marketing departments, according to this survey.

Guests at the event were interested in myriad subjects, such as total spending on customer training, Along those lines, one guest mentioned a key marketing component is building the trust customers have in our brands. One route to this, it was suggested, is to train marketers to speak the language of end-users and to understand the technical issues they may have.

The conversation was followed by a networking session that allowed attendees to meet and exchange ideas with fellow marketers and AV professionals. During the session, attendees shared their experiences, discussed best practices, and formed connections for future collaborations.

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