I Don’t Have a Marketing Department! – Tip #18

I Don’t Have a Marketing Department! – Tip #18

The solutions provided across the ProAV industry are diverse, and so are those who provide them.  Systems Integrators, Consultants, Service Providers, and even manufacturers, come in all shapes and sizes, and with various business models and staff structures. Some have dedicated marketing teams specializing in digital marketing, social media, events and public relations while others may have a part-time marketing specialist or no marketing staff at all. Regardless of the breadth of solutions or the size of the team however, all can be successful marketing on Xchange.

Who can post?

Any individual may post in channels and rooms. Any company with an active or enhanced subscription can post as well. Enhanced providers’ posts will also be featured in the Latest Content, otherwise, all posts have equal visibility.

Why post?

Posting on Xchange gets your brand in front of AV/IT buyers, channel partners and potential new talent. And it’s easy! If you’ve ever posted on social media or shared a link to an article or video, you can post on Xchange. Your content doesn’t need to be an authored masterpiece, just share what you think is important for others to know. You may draft a few sentences offering your insights and expertise on a topic, you can share a link to an article you’d found helpful or simply repurpose a case study or video posted on your website. Keep it short and simple. Here are some ideas: Wondering What to Post?

What’s more, Xchange helps with the marketing. Xchange is actively reaching out to fresh market segments, bringing end users and buyers, as well as industry pros, into the community where you’ll have an opportunity to get in front of them through highly focused channels and rooms.  

An added advantage is the possibility of having your content shared by others, introducing your brand to their networks. You may even pique the interest of the many media partner members. It’s a great opportunity to have your content shared with a publication’s viewers and be seen by the media as a subject matter expert to call upon for their next feature. Don’t be shy – weigh in on topics and start conversations!

Here's an example of @Integrated Systems Europe  sharing content posted by @Josh Riley of @signageOS:

Leverage a lively community of marketing pros

Xchange offers a wealth of resources and opportunities, especially for those without a dedicated marketing team. You and your staff can connect with marketing pros and gain insights into what’s working and what’s not by visiting the AV Marketers Room. Just introduce yourself and get your questions answered. Topics include everything from podcasts and digital marketing to content strategies and best practices in writing case studies. You may even find a marketing pro who can help with your marketing needs down the road.

While having a top-notch marketing team is a valuable asset indeed, Xchange makes it easy for any company, big or small, to share what makes them stand out in the marketplace. So, go ahead. Assume the role of thought leader, influencer, THE company top talent will flock to!

It’s starts with “Create a Post”! And here’s your quick step-by-step to get you started: How to Create a Post !

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