How Workplace Design and Technology Integration can Shape the Future of Work

The Tech Simple Podcast with hosts David Allara and Jonathan Cuthbertson Featuring special guest Domino Risch - workplace design expert!!
How Workplace Design and Technology Integration can Shape the Future of Work

In this edition of the Tech Simple podcast David and Jonathan have the privilege of speaking with Domino Risch, a highly regarded and experienced workplace designer. Domino is a Principal at Hassell, and the firm’s global sector leader for commercial and workplace. In this conversation Domino shares insights into a range of observations around workplace design over the past 18 months. Of particular interest is the wide gap that exists between cultural change and physical workplace design change. She provides a view into what we can expect to see in the future as well. 

Domino explains the importance of considering the technology in a workplace design as early as possible. She also shares some details on how they are leveraging AI technology in one of their larger workplace projects to deliver the two positive outcomes of: 

− Enabling workers to always be in the best fit/suitable location on each day at    the office 

– Lowering daily operation costs of the physical workplace 

Lastly, Domino shares the key questions that now must be asked when going through the initial briefing and discovery process on a new workplace design project. 


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