Hello, It's the Adele You Really Need to Know

Hello, It's the Adele You Really Need to Know

Madonna. Kobe. Edison. Einstein. Usher. All you need is one name to evoke these superstars of music, sports and science.

I'm adding Adele to the mix - but not the one you're thinking of.  When I reflect on Women's History Month and think about the boss ladies of AV, the first person that always comes to mind is Adele de Berri. At the turn of the 20th century and at just 24 years old, Adele de Berri was an inventor and founder of the company that became Da-Lite. Read about how Adele de Berri influenced other women in AV.

women wearing the awesome adele shirt

So while that "other" Adele sells records and lots of tissues, the real celebrity Adele in my mind is the woman who literally invented the silver screen.

Check out this article to read about more inspirational women in AV:


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Go to the profile of Nicole Verardi
11 months ago

Go, Adele!: An inventor and business leader at only 24 -- at a time when women could not vote. 

I love those shirts. 

Go to the profile of Karen Smidt
11 months ago

We're a little biased at Legrand | AV, but tend to agree with you @Barbara Blaskowsky (She/Her). Our Adele is the best Adele.