Harnessing solar heat for carbon-free manufacturing

How one company is finding a way to both save the planet and save money
Harnessing solar heat for carbon-free manufacturing

I recently had the chance to sit down with Karl von Kries from Technomad to learn more about solar rotational molding - a process they're using to manufacture the shell of their outdoor loudspeakers and dramatically reduce their impact on the environment.  It's good for the planet and good for their bottom line as they no longer have to depend on expensive fossil fuels in the manufacturing process.

What do you think?  Could solar heat be used in other ways to make the Pro AV industry more sustainable?

Many thanks to @Rodger Von Kries for making the connection, right here on the Xchange!

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Solar energy is definitely a great ally and it is a fact that can help the AV industry be more sustainable. Congratulations on this initiative and together as an industry and humanity we can achieve significant progress.