Get Prepped for attending In-Person shows?

Quick discussions on how to prepare well for attending an "in-person" show.
Get Prepped for attending In-Person shows?

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@AVIXA It's been 30 months since I attended a trade show in person and it was an experience in itself visting one in Delhi yesterday. Being there for just around 3 hours was enough to tire me. Couldn't imagine how we used to spend four days on a trot including time spent on preparing, presenting, meeting countless industry colleagues and friends, talking and enjoying the times together! Have i gone old (fact: older by 30 months true!) or perhaps in the eagerness, missed out on any prep that was necessary? Or the time spent working from home is having it's effects? 

With our in-person shows coming up now, it is time to prepare ourselves well enough! Though the anticipation of and eventually meeting people in-person does take a lot of the pain away, I felt it was important to share the experience, and would invite anyone having great ideas to help us get back into the groove in the show floor!

The best part of my experience was that I could meet, in person, some of the industry colleagues with whom there were only conversations in email or chats or maybe phone calls over the past years! Happy to hear from others! 

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over 2 years ago

@TS Gopalakrishnan, CTS-D, CTS-I , thanks for sharing your back-to-in-person experience. I'm anxious to hear how others are preparing to get "back in the groove"!  

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over 2 years ago

Start that walking workout now! I think we were in better shape (physically) when we had shows every year! At InfoComm the North and West Halls are about a 10 minute walk :-)