Follow, Watch and Question - Tip #1

Ideas and Best Practices to maximize your experience and value on AVIXA Xchange
Follow, Watch and Question - Tip #1

Hello Xchange Members!

Welcome to our first installment of "Tuesday's Tip", a collection of tips, ideas and best practices to help you harness the value of AVIXA Xchange. 

Tip #1 - Follow, Watch and Question

Our first tip to enhancing your Xchange experience is to Follow people - colleagues, influencers, members of the media, CTS holders and subject matter experts, etc. Following people activates alerts straight to your inbox when one of these key individuals posts or comments anywhere in the community.

Watch channels and rooms that interest you and set up your personal digest.  Click your avatar in the upper right and select "My Digest". In the top box, select "Tailor my Digest" and establish your preferred frequency and content for a newsletter-style email of highlights. 

Although there's not a Watch feature for the community Q&A, it will undoubtedly become the pulse of the community and worth scanning when you're on. You may not be able to respond to questions in the Q&A, but feel free to click on the member's name and start a conversation with them directly. And of course, feel free to pose your questions to the community here. 

Please reply with any questions or tips of your own! Please le me know what you'd like to learn more about as we navigate AVVIXA Xchange!

Thanks and stay tuned!


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