Experience the Ultimate Horror Haunt Brought to You in Part by AV

This experience takes guests deep into a haunting past using advanced technology, including the power of Dolby Atmos sound, projection mapping, and more. Walk through yourself – if you dare!
Experience the Ultimate Horror Haunt Brought to You in Part by AV

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While there are many ways to celebrate the Halloween season on the West Coast, including Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights, Knott’s Scary Farm, and many more, Fever has teamed up with ODEON to offer something unique with Angel of Light. This new theatrical immersive walkthrough is located at the Los Angeles Theatre in Downtown LA and uses AV technology to create a haunting experience.

The Los Angeles Theatre was constructed in late 1930 and early 1931. Aside from the extraordinary decor, the Los Angeles Theatre was the most technically advanced theatre of its day. A special Westinghouse dimming system controlled the lighting. Although the preset board was disconnected in the 1940s, the dimmers are still used today. The sound system was also the most modern available at the time, and the auditorium was one of the first to be ‘tuned’ for amplified sound.

When stepping inside the historic building today, it's easy to feel like you've fallen back in time.

During the 60-minute horror experience, guests are given unprecedented access to the historic venue while guided through various immersive spaces that fuse technology with live theater. These spaces include underground Catacombs, dressing rooms, and a ballroom with eerie and demonic characters. Then, there’s the LED Possession Cube room projecting a kaleidoscope of mind-bending images and footage taken from inside the mind of a hexed girl, Rota Krisha.

In Angel of Light, the story unfolds in the early nineteenth century when Rota Krisha plagues a small rural village. The villagers turn to Father Nicolai, a priest known for his “spiritual sound healing,” as he has discovered that specific structures elicit a binaural effect when singing or chanting is performed within them. Hoping to summon an angel to counter the evil presence, the villagers bring Krisha into the ancient catacombs for a special ceremony. However, it takes a dark turn.

Throughout the experience, the audience is led through several pitch-black corridors filled with ominous warnings. One warning is repeated: “Don’t wake the angel.”

Eventually, guests enter the theater, seated in the audience amongst masked figures and dark shadows for a performance by none other than Rota Krisha herself. When pairing these multimedia projects with live performances, the result is nothing short of memorable.

The experience uses advanced technology, including the power of Dolby Atmos sound, projection mapping, shifting light and music, and strobe lights.

ODEON, an immersive experience and technology company, produces Angel of Light, with Chris Anastas and Mark Binder as the creators of the original storyline and Buck Mason as the producer. It serves as a prequel to the upcoming film Hex, set for release in 2025 as part of an anthology from Parma Pictures.

In an interview with the creators, Anastas and Binder discussed creating this haunting immersive experience.

“From our original recordings of late 20s and 30's music to the unique custom soundscape creation that spans over 30 rooms of audio, which includes notable Dolby Atmos experiences, audiences will delve into the chilling depths of horror and be immersed in a world that blurs the line between reality and nightmares,” said Angel of Light Co-Creator Binder.

Watch the trailer for the event. And walk through yourself – if you dare. Tickets are being sold here. But hurry – Angel of Light is leaving Los Angeles on October 31!

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