Exciting AV Projects: Inside Scoop from Xchange LIVE Speakers

Take a peek into what projects AV trendsetters are working on now. Plus, find out what tech is sparking their interest.
Exciting AV Projects: Inside Scoop from Xchange LIVE Speakers

Check out this year’s Xchange LIVE schedule for InfoComm.

With experts from brands such as Shure, Dreamtek, Lux Machina, WeWork, Mersive and more, you'll have the opportunity to get involved with Ask the Expert Q&A sessions, Fireside Chats, Networking Meetups, and more.

We asked speakers about exciting projects they are currently working on and what inspires them, and here’s what they had to say …

Jeff Eggleston, Director of Studio Productions, Dreamtek
Ask the Experts: How to Navigate an Immersive Experience
June 14 at 3 pm, Booth #4461

Current Project
There are a few exciting projects that our Immersive Technology Division is working on, each with its own unique aspects. For example, we are working with a global car manufacturer to explore the integration of mixed reality. This involves creating immersive experiences that allow customers to experience dealerships, test drives and car inspections virtually. Wearables with pass-through technology allow users to interact with virtual elements while maintaining a clear view of the real world. 

 We are also working on a flagship event for a huge tech company, which is being held in-person for the first time since the pandemic. We aim to create a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) for those unable to attend in person. Additionally, we are looking to incorporate immersive technology to engage and interact with the vast remote audience. Our possible solution involves an interactive XR wall that allows both in-person and remote viewers to experience the immersive environment where the CEO and C-suite executives present their slides and interact, creating a captivating highlights reel.

Which new innovation/technology is sparking your interest at the moment?

I have been fascinated by the Pepsi Max - Grand Visual marketing AR bus shelter developed by 8th Wall. This augmented reality demonstrated the potential to revolutionize marketing campaigns and engage consumers in interactive and captivating ways. Additionally, Wonder Studio and Magic Box have caught my attention as emerging technologies that hold great promise for transforming various industries.

What project/initiative/brand has inspired you recently?

I am particularly enthused by the transformative potential of immersive technology beyond mere escapism. I believe it can revolutionize industries such as healthcare, architecture, and training by providing realistic simulations and augmenting human capabilities.


Lewis Smithingham, SVP of Innovation & Creative Solutions, Media.Monks
Breakthrough Tech 2030: What It All Means
June 14 at 10:30 am, Booth #4461 

Current Project

I'm the sorta dork that loves big, loud and fast things, particularly in a LARP context. We're working on some projects that bring the theme park and action-movie experience to life for everyday fans.

Which new innovation/technology is sparking your interest at the moment?

There are two technologies that are having a moment right now that spark my interest, AI (obvious answer), but also, geospatial technology. I'm fascinated by extending digital into z-space, as we now have the opportunity to really tell our stories in a multi-geometry/dimensional way. AI is exciting for the obvious reasons, but also fascinating in how it could collide with geospatial data and experiences to create a more personalized, lived, digital world.

What project/initiative/brand has inspired you recently?

I'm inspired by the work that cloud provides to be more sustainable. The new epoch that we are in will require infinitely scaled compute, and I'm so happy that cloud providers have dedicated themselves to sustainable futures. Most major cloud providers will be sustainable before 2025.


Sanj Surati, Digital Atelier, Tigerheart
Xchange LIVE host

Current Project

I am writing a course to highlight how new and emerging technologies are affecting changes in human behaviour on a mass scale. The current phenomena that is under my microscope is the hyper usage of ChatGPT and how it has become the saviour of Microsoft’s business. There is a seismic shift in how humans are engaging with new stories and narratives and ChatGPt is at the epicentre of this change.

Which new innovation/technology is sparking your interest at the moment?

I’m really loving ChatGPT, Google’s Bard and Midjourney at the moment. These are great creative artificial intelligence tools that empower the user and democratise the creative space in new and exciting ways.

What project/initiative/brand has inspired you recently?

I’ve just finished working with a large beer brand on a digital activation that utilises human movement data to engage with their audience. It goes live this summer so I’m curious to see how the platform engages with the fans of the experience.

The countdown is on for Xchange LIVE! See you soon at InfoComm.
@Sanj Surati

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