Enhancing Fireworks Shows with Drones

Cities worldwide are moving away from fireworks and toward drones for many celebrations. Here's why.
Enhancing Fireworks Shows with Drones

Drones are being used to enhance fireworks shows (or downright completely replace them) during many celebrations. This was noticeable on July 4, USA’s Independence Day. But it has also been seen being embraced nationwide. These pet-friendly “silent fireworks,” are making big waves during massive celebrations as more and more cities utilize them.

Many local fireworks displays are being canned in favor of drones across the US – but particularly in Western states like Colorado, California, Iowa, and New Mexico that are accosted by wildfire smoke. Simply put, fireworks cause fires – and more than you might think. 

On July 4, 2023, here are some of the most notable drone shows that either enhanced fireworks shows or completely replaced them:

  • In California, drones took over many fireworks shows on July 4. Environmental concerns previously led to the cancellation of several shows. But in 2023, four hundred illuminated drones danced in the San Diego sky instead, over Ocean Beach and up the coast in La Jolla. Here’s a video.
  • In New York, thousands of people flocked to the streets and shorelines to watch the annual fireworks show celebrating Independence Day. And this year, Macy’s included some fantastic new effects before its yearly fireworks show. On East River, drones took the form of several designs, including the Statue of Liberty!

This trend is also being seen globally. Around the world, cities and governments are finding alternatives for traditional fireworks in the shape of – well, anything you can imagine using drones! Here are some examples:

  • During the traditional Chinese holiday, Dragon Boat Festival, which occurred on June 22, drone displays could be seen off the waterfront alongside the usual festivities such as the dragon boat races. In Shenzhen, 1,500 synchronized drones lit up the night sky, forming various shapes, including a stunning portrayal of a colossal flying dragon!
  • And in India, as part of Republic Day celebrations this year, the biggest drone show in the country, comprised of a whopping 3,500 indigenous drones, lit up the evening sky over Raisina hills. Check out a video of the impressive display here!

Drone light shows are growing in popularity for live events. They are less intrusive, creating only a faint buzzing noise, compared to fireworks, which can rupture your eardrum if you’re standing close enough. That’s a dealbreaker for some families with animals, small children, or other people sensitive to noise. Drones are also a reusable option, capable of potentially flying hundreds of shows before they require any maintenance. And while fireworks are beautiful, drones allow for more creativity, with the ability to synchronize lights to music and recreate complex images in the sky. Many are also equipped with cameras, which can capture stunning views as the drone weaves through streams of color.

In closing, fireworks displays are being enhanced and replaced by large swarms of drones with their brightly colored lights as they reduce wildfire risk and loud noises. If you’re looking for these silent fireworks, you’ve got plenty of options nowadays – whether in the US or across the globe.

DID YOU KNOW: The first drone light show took place in 2012 in the skies of Linz, Austria, dazzling the crowd with what was, at the time, something out of science fiction. Since then, they’ve popped up just about everywhere!

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