Drive Thru Communication Systems - The Human Bean

How The Human Bean Raised Its Customer Satisfaction and Team Productivity with Panasonic Connect’s Attune HD® Drive-Thru Communication System
Drive Thru Communication Systems - The Human Bean

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When The Human Bean needed a higher quality, cost-effective solution to improve communications at their current and future franchise locations, they turned to Panasonic Connect, the leaders in durability, to help better connect team members with customers – and each other. The Attune HD is the next generation, drive-thru communication system that features four levels of digital noise reduction technology. Now, team members and customers experience crystal-clear, noise-free sound without annoying auditory distractions.


A number of The Human Bean locations installed Panasonic Connect’s Attune HD Communications System, with digital noise reduction technology that delivers the clearest, noise-free sound between customers and employees, for faster service and
minimized errors.


Panasonic Connect’s Attune HD Communications System has helped streamline operations – with clearer team and customers communications and reduced errors

Case Study


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Great story behind this case study. I love that Human Bean is in tune with reducing its customers' frustrations by providing clear, crisp communication that improves efficiency and accuracy. @Panasonic Connect sounds like the perfect solution and partner. Thanks for sharing @Kiosk Manufacturer Association