Curved Displays — Big Video Walls Are Popular

Example video of curved displays with 22Miles and Nanolumens
Curved Displays — Big Video Walls Are Popular

Good example of curved displays. One of Dizzie candidates is the Peerless-AV project in Oklahoma they did with Ford AV. 

The one below is running 22Miles software. 22Miles provides comprehensive technology solutions for digital connectivity, visual communications, media management, and adaptive multi-point interactive experiences. Powered by an immersive, easy-to-use content management software, the process of creating, managing, and enhancing a facility’s designed content has never been as simple.

Worth noting the LVCC gigantic display is also by 22Miles. That is LED Fine Pitch wall. 10,000 square feet thank you very much. Based in Georgia.


Curved Display Sportsbook Case Study – Peerless-AV

See full writeup on -- video wall is 139ft W x 14.7ft H and 2,034 sq ft


Mohegan Sun wanted to create an innovative and exciting addition to their facility. Working together with FanDuel, the concept of this visually stunning video wall came to life. This impactful display would serve sports betters with access to a world-class selection of live sports competitions from across the world with restaurant, bar and gaming offerings. This is what led them to contact Solutionz and the installation began in November 2021.

Click on the image for full 2048 image

curved display Casino

About Nanolumens

Nanolumens, headquartered in Norcross, Georgia, creates LED displays impactful enough to deliver a truly immersive experience. At NanoLumens, we combine the world’s most powerful LED sign platform with an unparalleled array of visual communication services to produce the world’s most engaging customer experiences – for you and your business. Our brilliant LED displays, designed and built in the USA, are so thin, lightweight, and curvable you can put them almost anywhere. With quality backed by an industry-leading, 6-year zero-failure warranty, Nanolumens is your collaboration partner from design to implementation and beyond.

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