Clever Retail: Subtle Shelf Robot Lifts Displayed Product When Shoppers Approach

Connected Devices Behind This Could Easily Pair And Trigger Shelf-Edge Or Aisle Topper Screens
Clever Retail: Subtle Shelf Robot Lifts Displayed Product When Shoppers Approach

One of the ideas of using display technology right at merchandising shelves and tables is that the visuals will get the attention of shoppers. So what if those kinds of displays were paired with little robotic devices that actually lifted or shifted displayed products?

That's the premise behind a company called Tokinomo, which makes and markets "In-Store Marketing Robots." I haven't sorted out if the company is based in the US, or in Romania.

The elevator pitch goes like this:

Using a unique combination of technologies, sensors, motion, light, and sound, Tokinomo brings products to life on the shelf by giving them a voice and a personality and allows them to interact with the shoppers in a truly memorable way.

FMCG brands from around the world use the Tokinomo solution to create immersive experiences for shoppers in supermarkets and brick and mortar stores. We partner with global retailers, in-store marketing agencies, and FMCG brands to increase brand awareness and sales.

Our patented, certified, and award-winning device provides real-time campaign analytics and is easily managed remotely. Each Tokinomo device is connected wirelessly to our data servers, which means you can change campaign settings like audio files, sound volume, and motion pattern remotely and have real-time access to data, so you can monitor the campaign at all times, irrespective of the number of locations it is implemented in.

Besides doing an amazing job to delight shoppers through creative marketing experiences, Tokinomo is also one of the most efficient POP marketing solutions, as it manages to boost sales with an average of 200%.

The device sits in behind product, so it chews up a little stock space, but doesn't visually interfere with the product display.

This could, of course, run entirely separate from any sort of digital POP display, like a tablet or larger screen overhead. But it could also be tied together, as the units are connected and send out data, which could include triggers to a digital sign playlist.

The technology also has some sort of business relationship with SellrTV, which is focused on screens at shelf-edges in stores.

Tokinomo is the company behind this fun in-store campaign featuring a singing soup pot.


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3 months ago

This is very cool! As a proud Romanian myself, I was very surprised to see Romania mentioned. But when further investigating, I discovered that Tokinomo was used to basically introduce and launch Viper in Romania by Asahi Group. And this is big because unlike the US, seltzers aren't as popular in Eastern Europe. It was very successful in generating sales when the company used Tokinomo as part of their advertising strategy - increasing sales by a whopping 60%. 

Asahi Group is a world-renowned player in the beverage market, who produce and sell many types of beers, including Ursus and Timisoreana, which are two of the most popular beers in my home country Romania that are seen everywhere there (and you can typically find these at European markets throughout the US). It is very cool to learn more about this case study which successfully utilized Tokinomo in Romania, using features like sensor detection, led lights, customizable motion patterns, and customizable audio messages to attract customers. Thank you for sharing!